Monday, April 7, 2008


  • Broth:

- Simmer 300g pork bones with 3 liters of water + 50g onions + 2 teaspoons sea salt, and get about 2.5 liters of the broth. Skim any scum on the surface and finally remove and discard the bones and onions. Sieve the broth.
- If chicken and pork ribs are needed: Add 2.5 liters of water for each 1 kg chicken or pork ribs. Mix the chicken cut in half and pork ribs cut into the two-finger-sized pieces with: 1.5 teaspoon salt + 1 teaspoon pepper + 1 teaspoon well-chopped scallions; set aside for 30 minutes and then place these meats into the stockpot of broth. Remove the cooked meats and set aside to cool. Chicken may be cut or shredded into pieces.

  • Meatballs:

- Fried meatballs: Fresh meat molded into the half-thumb-sized meatballs and fried the meatballs become golden.
- Ear mushroom-mixed meatballs: Mix 15g ear mushrooms soaked in water for softening and well chopped for each 300g fresh meat and well-chopped shallots + some salts and pepper. Mold into small meatballs and place into the broth for simmering. Remove the meatballs when they are well cooked and floating.

  • Garnishes: Shallots cut into thin slices and fried until golden. Clean scallions: separate the bulbs and then chop the leaf part into small pieces; cilantro chopped into small pieces; onion cut into thin slices; fresh chilies well chopped; all of these are fried with some vegetable oil. Fine shrimp paste, pure fish sauce, lime, fresh chilies, and herbs & salads (sliced banana blossom, splitted water spinach, aromatic herbs, bean sprouts, etc.)

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